Saturday , 28 January 2023

Adilur barred from entering Malaysia this time – [Savage Malaysia 2]

Malaysia’s notorious immigration has been harassing, arresting and deporting all kinds of Bangladeshi passport holders, including Bangladeshi tourists, students, workers and professionals with valid visas, without any reason. Following this, Adilur Rahman Khan, the editor of the human rights organization Odhikar, was intercepted and detained at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. The BBC quoted Odhikar’s director Nasir Uddin Allan as saying.

However, Alan said that it was not the case that Adilur Rahman was detained in Malaysia, but that the country’s airport immigration police had prevented him from entering Malaysia.

According to the BBC, Adilur Rahman was arrested in Malaysia around 4:30 am on Thursday by the country’s immigration police.

The rights secretary went to Malaysia to attend a conference on human rights.

Nasir Uddin told Elan Jugantar that the country’s immigration police took Adilur Rahman to a room at the airport at around 4.30 am and put him in jail. He was barred from entering Malaysia. Upon receiving the news, the organizers of the conference and the human rights lawyers there went to Kuala Lumpur Airport.

He said they were waiting for instructions from the country’s authorities to let Adilur Rahman go to the venue.

It is to be noted that many well-known professional dignitaries in the country are also being subjected to such harassment. The question arises as to why the Malaysian embassy in Dhaka issues visas if they are prevented from entering. Many are outraged to hear of the Kuala Lumpur Immigration Police’s unjust torture, harassment, arrogance and heinous insults as they enter the country. If these heinous abuses are not stopped soon, there is a possibility of a movement demanding the closure of the Malaysian embassy in Dhaka.

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