Wednesday , 30 November 2022


Govt is being strict in the immoral activities of Bangladeshis in Malaysia

The government is going to impose restrictions on the immoral activities of Bangladeshis in Malaysia. In two cases, the government is going to be in a strong position by the ongoing Bangladeshis, according to multiple sources. Recently, Saidul Islam, a young Bangladeshi man, stabbed a Malaysian girl in the face with a sharp knife after she turned down his love ... Read More »

A gathering of foreigners in Malaysia on the occasion of Independence Day

Foreigners gathered in Malaysia for a discussion on the great independence and national day of Bangladesh and a dinner in honor of the diplomats. Apart from expatriate Bangladeshis, ambassadors from 60 countries participated in the event, which was organized by the Bangladesh Embassy in the ballroom of the Renaissance Hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Monday night (March 26). Ambassador Mah. ... Read More »

Malaysia: Where the expatriate Bangladeshis themselves are the cause of their helplessness – 1

Expatriate Bangladeshis are supposed to be closest to each other, but the opposite picture is being seen in different countries of the world. Expatriate Bangladeshis are becoming the cause of their own helplessness by resorting to deception and deceit with each other. This time the story is Malaysia. Ibrahim Manik from Faridganj, Chandpur, lives in the Minhu Factory area of ... Read More »

Adilur barred from entering Malaysia this time – [Savage Malaysia 2]

Malaysia’s notorious immigration has been harassing, arresting and deporting all kinds of Bangladeshi passport holders, including Bangladeshi tourists, students, workers and professionals with valid visas, without any reason. Following this, Adilur Rahman Khan, the editor of the human rights organization Odhikar, was intercepted and detained at the Kuala Lumpur airport in Malaysia. The BBC quoted Odhikar’s director Nasir Uddin Allan ... Read More »