Friday , 12 August 2022


Md Juman Hussan

Social media is a series of websites and applications designed to allow people to share content quickly, efficiently and in real-time. Most people today define social media as apps on their smartphone or tablet, but the truth is, this communication tool started with computers. This misconception stems from the fact that most social media users access their tools via apps. Using social media is the most common practice of today’s younger generation. The Social Media like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, and YouTube offer youth a portal for entertainment and communication and have grown exponentially in recent years. However, although social media yield positive impacts upon the younger generation, it also causes negative impacts upon them. Most of Bangladeshi Young generation use social media as a way of time pass and they are badly addicted by it. There are some major concern we have to concentrates for betterment of next generation. I will try pinpointing some major points and solution of it.


• The vastness of social media ensures that there is no control on the scope of information. Such situations can lead to young generation bumping into obscene, harmful or graphic websites that may affect their thinking process.

• Cyber bullying is another growing trend among social media websites. Cyberbullying can have dangerous and potentially fatal effects. It claims many victims each year.

• Waste of time. We agree that social media is good, but ‘too much of a …’ you know how it goes. Spending too much time can also affect your child negatively and often lead to social media addiction. Addiction can manifest itself as various symptoms and may even affect physical health.

• Too much social media can affect your child’s ability to develop strong interpersonal relationships. Your child is moldable, and the avalanche of information can overwhelm her.


• Inspired young generation to create book reading habits.

• Teach them social-cultural and religious values.

• Involved them on more outdoor games.

• Arrange various cultural programs and try to involve them.

• Establish friendly environment with them.

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